Introducing Stabl.Fi

The protocol that brings you $CASH

Hold $CASH. Yield. Rebase. Repeat.

Stabl.fi is a next-generation, yield bearing stable indexcoin protocol. Users mint $CASH by depositing stables into the Stabl protocol. The amount of $CASH in your wallet will continually grow, due to the yield strategies the protocol deposited stables are put in as well as external yielding sources.
  • Fully collateralized: For every $CASH in circulation, there is stablecoin collateral backing it.
    • $CASH supports collateral deposits of USDC, USDT, and DAI - the most trusted stablecoins in DeFi
    • $CASH is always redeemable for the same value as your deposit (minus fees)
    • Collaterals are put in the safest yielding strategies available. Collateral security is priority #1.
  • Organic yield generation: Assets deposited to mint $CASH are utilized on chain to safely generate yield, supplemented by high-yielding strategies from an isolated treasury.
    • Yields are distributed to $CASH token holders multiple times daily via. rebase
    • User funds are invested in whitelisted and audited protocols - Aave, Compound, etc
    • Yield is produced from an outside treasury and deposited into the collateral vault regularly to boost yields for $CASH holders.
    • All strategies are managed fully on-chain
  • Stable indexcoin: $CASH is a stable indexcoin that is pegged to an approved basket of stable assets. The goal of this indexcoin is to allow holders to gain exposure to dynamic yielding opportunities of the supported collaterals on-chain without having to manage it's underlying assets. Additionally, holders gain access to far greater capital efficiency through boosted yields than they could farm on their own with the underlying collateral.
The safest collateral. The highest yields. With $CASH, you get the best of both worlds.
Last modified 6mo ago