$CASH Treasury

After a user deposits their stablecoins in the Stabl.Fi DApp, those stablecoins are sent to the $CASH Treasury.

The $CASH Treasury is comprised of 100% collateral stablecoins (USDC/USDT/DAI), in a 1:1 ratio to $CASH in circulation. The farming strategies for these stablecoins are among the most conservative in all of DeFi (Aave, Compound, etc). The $CASH Treasury keeps 100% of $CASH collateral segregated into its own treasury, and the chosen farming strategies ensure that $CASH collateral is never exposed to market impacts or anything but the most tried-and-true farming strategies.

The yield from these stablefarms are distributed as follows: - 85% distributed as $CASH rebases to $CASH holders or autobribes if the $CASH is in a Retro LP

- 15% sent to Overcollateralization Treasury

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