The Overcollaterlization (OC) Treasury

The Stabl Labs OC Treasury provides key benefits to $CASH holders. It is comprised of a basket of higher-yielding strategies, that utilize non-collateral stablecoins (think MAI, FRAX, USDR, etc), and even non-stablecoin strategies involving MATIC, ETH, etc. This allows $CASH holders to enjoy the yields of volatile or less established assets while having the stability of being 100% collateralized in traditional stablecoins.

The OC Treasury yields are distributed as follows:

  • 60% to $CASH holders

  • 25% autocompounded to grow treasury

  • 15% performance fee (sent to separate Stabl Labs treasury for operating expenses)

The OC Treasury is fed by external revenue from these sources:

  • 10% of Retro trading fees

  • 25% of revenue from $oRETRO call options

  • 25% Retro Arcade fees

  • 25% PaintSwap royalties on veNFT sales

  • 15% of yields from the $CASH Treasury

  • 50% $CASH mint/redeem fees

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