Retro Partnership

The symbiotic relationship between Stabl.Fi and Retro is a key component of $CASH's tokenomics.

10% of Retro trading fees and 25% of $oRETRO conversion revenue are sent to the Overcollateralization Treasury. 60% of that income is passed directly to $CASH holders as additional yield.

This creates a unique opportunity for those with stablecoins to access (MUCH) greater yielding power than they could by farming their own assets.

More importantly, $CASH rebases come from real yields, and not from inflationary tokenomics or other unsustainable sources. $CASH will always be 1:1 collateralized.

In return, yields from $CASH in Retro liquidity pools are sent to bribe that pair instead of going to the liquidity providers' wallets. This actually brings in more revenue for the liquidity providers themselves, but also greatly benefits Retro's ecosystem as a whole.

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